How To Dispute The Current Cadastral Property Valuers Adelaide Of Real Estate

The cadastral value acts as a tax base for land tax, corporate property tax, and individual property tax. As a result, an incorrectly determined value can lead to excessive amounts being withheld from taxpayers.

However, the cadastral value may be disputed by interested parties. For its early change, the law provides for an administrative and judicial procedure.

Challenging the results of the evaluation in the Property Valuers Adelaide pre-trial procedure is carried out by filing an application with a special commission for the consideration of disputes. Supporting documents are also attached to the application.

A decision is made within 1 month, and if the complaint is satisfied, new information is automatically entered into the USRN

In most cases, the problem can be solved already at this stage. Commissions are seldom denied if sufficient evidence of the error has been presented.

It is more difficult to change the result of the assessment through the court, since it requires certain skills. To contest, you need Wikipedia to draw up and submit a statement of claim, collect and attach supporting documents to it. Here it is necessary to simultaneously comply with the norms of substantive and procedural law.

If the court refuses to satisfy the requirements, the decision may be appealed in the appellate or cassation procedure. However, this will require even more knowledge and evidence.